Sectors Our Focus

We are committed to delivering outstanding service and expertise to our partners specializing in the following industry sectors:

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We’ve been active in commodities and energy for over a decade as a direct principals often with strategic partners.

Our focus:

  • Petroleum and Gas
  • Clean Energy
  • Mining

We build partnerships to build value, societies and communities in which they operate.

We are strategic partners in infrastructure projects along side with our global partners deploying resources as direct principals. These projects often require once-in-a-lifetime commitments. Larger projects are naturally more challenging than smaller projects. We support our partners by focusing on business cases aligned with long-term strategic objectives.

Our team brings expertise in research and services to emerging markets in technology and the media sectors. We have deep domain expertise which allows us to support our partners as well as executing strategic transactions. Our experience enables us to develop unique ideas and strategies that serve the needs of our partners.

Major areas of emphasis include:

  • PaaS, Big Data, & Cloud Infrastructure
  • Digital Media, Entertainment, and Distribution
  • Wireless and Communications
  • Smartphones